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When it comes to AC systems, we believe they DO build them like they used to – they just do not install them like they ought to – and this is the primary cause of most HVAC breakdowns and premature replacements.

A & P Heating and Cooling: where second opinions are always free and installs come with a lifetime guarantee.


• We believe that if there is a doubts, then there is no doubt – either we’re dead sure that what we’re doing is “The Standard of Excellence,” or we don’t do it. Period.

• We believe in seeing the whole elephant – that good techs look at and measure the entire system before diagnosing a problem.

• We believe in measuring, balancing, and smoothing out the whole system, rather than tweaking parts.

• We believe every AC unit should run silent, run smooth.

• We KNOW that cold air is supposed to travel through your air ducts at 238 mph – and that properly designed and installed ducting is more than half the battle in making your system performs properly for decades to come.

• We believe that proper pressure, air-flow, and gauge readings taken the right way, from the right places, always beat “rules of thumb” and guesswork.

• We believe that yesterday’s quick fix will become tomorrow’s problem – and that it’s better to do the right job, the right way, everyday than to take shortcuts.

• We believe that if a tech can’t show, explain, and demonstrate the problem to our client, he’s not ready to be an A&P tech.

• We believe in guaranteed work – with no time-outs and no loopholes to the guarantee.

• We believe in a free second opinion – so you can always have full faith and confidence in our recommendations.

• We believe that if our work isn’t truly “the standard of excellence” on every job – on your job – then nothing else matters.

• We reject the “Beer-can cold” and Get-R-Done Mentality

• We stand against one-week-wonder technicians • We disdain the “All show and no go” attitude.

• We sweat the small stuff

• We believe in pulling the blower, removing the top, and doing the extra labor required to get at and really see the equipment. We believe the few extra minutes spent doing this can save us and the client hours of time and hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars both on this call and in the long run.

• We believe we should be proud of our work and proud to see our customers in the school pickup line, at the grocery store, and out on the town – and they should be happy to see us too.

WE want to be THE Authority on how a new system ought to be installed, including on how to design and specify the right system, how to design proper ducting, and generally how to ensure that people get what they pay for with high-performance and high-efficiency A/C systems.

And we want there to be a bit of a Halo Effect to this – as in, “if they can handle a complex install properly, they can also diagnose problems better than anyone else, because they know how the system is SUPPOSED to be working.”

Other guys tweak. They do the fast fix that leads to problems down the road.

We FIX it properly so the problem goes away for good and other about-to-become problems are headed off and put right.

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