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Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee on A&P Installs

You can see it right in our banner on this page, and you’ve probably heard it in our radio ads – A&P: Where Installs Come With a Lifetime Guarantee

But if you’re like a lot of people, you probably wondered:

  • What does “Lifetime” mean?
  • Is the warranty pro-rated?
  • Have you every made good on this promise before?  And so on.

Lifetime means the expected lifetime of a new system.  For a Trane system, that’s 20 years.  No, the warranty isn’t pro-rated – it’s the the real deal.  We’ll repair or replace the system for free if it fails before then.  And, yes, we have had a situation where we installed a bad system, and we replaced it free of charge.

We Don’t Just Guarantee It’ll Work, We Guarantee It’ll Perform!

The fact is that a Trane will guarantee the performance of their system for any system that has been properly installed to their specifications.

So technically, ANY HVAC company that sells Trane systems could offer this performance guarantee.

But we’re the only ones who actually offer it.  Because we’re the only ones who install systems to Trane’s specifications – the way their supposed to be installed.

And, frankly, that’s why we can also throw in a repair and replacement guarantee as well – because when you install the system properly, you’ll get the promised life out of it no sweat.  When systems die early, it’s almost always because they were installed wrong.

Get Honest Recommendations on the Right System, Installed the Right Way.

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