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Welcome to A & P Heating & Cooling Inc.

At A & P Heating & Cooling, when it comes to AC systems, we believe they DO build ’em like they used to – “they” just don’t INSTALL ’em (or service them) like they ought to – and this is the primary cause of most HVAC breakdowns and premature replacements.

We exist to bring an Engineering Approach to the installation, servicing and repair of your heating and air conditioning system.  In other words, we want to do it the way it ought to be done.

That’s why A & P Heating & Cooling offers Free 2nd Opinions and Lifetime Guarantees on our Installs: because we’re absolutely confident in our way.

So why doesn’t everyone offer these things or work to our standards?

Mostly because they’re relying on rules of thumb and shortcuts rather than following the engineering standards called for by the manufacturers of the systems they’re working on.

I know because when I first got into this business, I was taught those same rules of thumb and shortcuts.  It wasn’t until I worked for Trane that I learned how it’s supposed to be done.

And to this day, when I hire new techs, they’ll still tell me how they were taught to do things and expected to do them by their other employers.

So if you’d rather have someone do it right, rather than do it quickly, give us a call.  I promise you that my Sincere Engineers will take an engineering approach and that you’ll notice the difference.

– Todd Baltzley, Owner of A & P Heating & Cooling

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